If you know absolutely nothing about the guitar, don’t be scared. Bil Gahan is a patient and resourceful teacher with 24 years of teaching experience. He understands that everyone learns to play music a little differently, so his lessons are always designed to match each student’s learning style. If you don’t own a guitar, Bil is happy to recommend brands and models. He’ll have you playing songs in no time.
 Maybe you know how to play, but your learning has plateaued. Or you might have a firm understanding of the basics, but you’re looking to take that next step and really dig into more advanced concepts. Bil made this leap himself when he went to Berklee, so he knows how to move forward once you’ve got your musical footing. If you need someone to explain theory, or you need help with playing and understanding chords, scales and arpeggios, Bil can get you there. He knows how to take what you know and connect the dots, bringing you one step closer to finding your musical voice.
 Bil gives lessons to advanced players of all styles. Whether it’s jazz harmony, classical technique or getting your chops up to blazing speed, there’s always more to learn. Bil offers the full Berklee College of Music guitar department curriculum, or he can design a customized lesson program for you. If that’s not your thing, drop by when you need to patch up some holes in your playing – the lessons can be as structured or as loose as you want.